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State of Illinois
Flag of Illinois State seal of Illinois
Flag of Illinois Seal
Julukan: Land of Lincoln; The Prairie State
Motto: State sovereignty, national union
Map of the United States with Illinois highlighted
Map of the United States with Illinois highlighted
Basa resmi English[1]
Démonim Illinoisan
Ibukutha Springfield
Kutha paling gedhé Chicago
metro area paling gedhé Chicagoland
Area  Ranking 25th ing AS
 - Total 57,918 sq mi
(140,998 km²)
 - Jembar 210 miles (340 km)
 - Dawa 395 miles (629 km)
 - % banyu 4.0/ Negligible
 - Garis lintang 36° 58′ N to 42° 30′ N
 - Garis bujur 87° 30′ W to 91° 31′ W
Populasi  Rangking 5th ing AS
 - Total 12,852,548 (2007 est.)[2]
 - Kapadhetan 223.4/sq mi 
86.27/km² (12th in the US)
 - Median income  $45,787[3] (18)
 - Titik paling dhuwur Charles Mound[4]
1,235 ft  (377 m)
 - Mean 600 ft  (182 m)
 - Titik paling cendhèk Mississippi River[4]
279 ft  (85 m)
Mlebu Union  December 3, 1818 (21st)
Gubernur Pat Quinn (D)
Lètnan Gubernur
Senator Richard Durbin (D)
Roland Burris (D)
Delegasi Konggrès List
Zona wektu Central: UTC-6/-5
Cekakan IL, Ill. US-IL
Situs web
Ilinois State Symbols
Living Symbols
 -Amphibian Eastern Tiger Salamander
 -Bird Cardinal
 -Butterfly Monarch Butterfly
 -Fish Bluegill
 -Flower Violet
 -Grass Big Bluestem
 -Reptile Painted Turtle
 -Tree White oak
Mineral Fluorite
Slogan(s) Land of Lincoln
Song(s) Illinois
Route Marker(s)
Ilinois Route Marker
Ilinois quarter
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Praja Illinois (Ngenani wuni iki /ɪlɨˈnɔɪ/ , kira-kira uniné ill-i-NOY) iku sawijining praja ing Amérika Sarékat. Illinois minangka praja sing paling padhet sing ndunungi (nomer lima) lan kanthi démografis manéka warna.[5]

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