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Mandarin Orange (Citrus reticulata cultivar)
Klasifikasi ngèlmiah
Karajan: Plantae
Dhivisi: Magnoliophyta
Klas: Magnoliopsida
Subklas: Rosidae
Ordho: Sapindales
Famili: Rutaceae
Subfamili: Aurantioideae
Tribe: Citreae
Génus: Citrus
Species and hybrids

Important species:
Citrus aurantifoliaKey lime
Citrus maximaPomelo
Citrus medicaCitron
Citrus reticulataMandarin orange

Important hybrids:
Citrus × aurantiumBitter orange
Citrus × latifoliaPersian lime
Citrus × limonLemon
Citrus × limoniaRangpur
Citrus × paradisiGrapefruit
Citrus × sinensisSweet orange
Citrus × tangerinaTangerine
Uga delengen below for other species and hybrids.


pirsani tèks

Sweetie or Oroblanco is a pomelo-grapefruit hybrid.
The Etrog, or Citron, is central to the ritual of the Jewish Sukkot festival. Many varieties are used for this purpose (including the Yemenite variety pictured).
Clementines (Citrus × clementina) have thinner skins than oranges.
Mikan (Citrus × unshiu), also known as satsumas.
Sweet oranges (Citrus × sinensis) are used in many foods. Their ancestors were probably pomelos and mandarin oranges.
A batch of kaffir limes (Citrus × hystrix).
Lemons (Citrus × limon).

Sitrus (Basa Inggris: Citrus) iku jeneng umum tumrap tetuwuhan ngembang saka kulawarga rutaceae. Citrus dipercaya asal saka Asia Kidul-wétan yakuwi ing tlatah sing diwatesi India, Myanmar (Burma) lan provinsi Yunnan ing China.[1][2][3] Wit woh-wohan citrus wis dibudidaya ing ngendi-endi wiwit jaman kuna; conto sing paling paling dikenal yakuwi jeruk utawa basa Inggris: orange, lemon, grapefruit lan limau (basa Inggris: lime). Jeneng sitrus asal saka basa Latin, tegesé tuwuhan sing saiki dikenal minangka Citron (C. medica). Tembung iki asal saka tembung basa Yunani kuna kεδρος (kedros).

Jinis lan kultivar[besut | besut sumber]

Citrus maxima-based

  • Amanatsu, natsumikan – Citrus × natsudaidai (C. maxima × unknown)
  • Cam sành (C. reticulata × C. × sinensis)
  • GrapefruitCitrus × paradisi (C. maxima × C. × sinensis)
  • Imperial Lemon (C. × limon × C. × paradisi)
  • Kinnow (C. × nobilis × C. × deliciosa)
  • Kiyomi (C. sinensis × C. × unshiu)
  • Minneola Tangelo (C. reticulata × C. × paradisi)
  • Orangelo, Chironja (C. × paradisi × C. × sinensis)
  • Oroblanco, Sweetie (C. maxima × C. × paradisi)
  • Sweet OrangeCitrus × sinensis (probably C. maxima × C. × reticulata)
  • TangeloCitrus × tangelo (C. reticulata × C. maxima or C. × paradisi)
  • TangorCitrus × nobilis (C. reticulata × C. × sinensis)
  • Ugli (C. reticulata × C. maxima or C. × paradisi)

Citrus medica-based

Citrus reticulata-based


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Rujukan[besut | besut sumber]

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