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Monte Aconcagua.jpg
Aconcagua from park entrance.
Titik dhuwur dhéwé
Èlevasi 6,962 m (22,841 ft)
Prominèn 6,962 m (22,841 ft) Ranked 2nd
Isolasi 16,518 kilometres (10,264 mi)
Pratélan Seven Summits
Country high point
Pronunciation Pangucap cara Spanyol: [akoŋˈkaɣwa]
éjaan Inggris: [ˌækəŋˈkɑːɡwə] or éjaan Inggris: [ˌɑːkəŋˈkɑːɡwə]
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State/Province AR-M
Parent range Andes
Panjatan pisanan 1897 SwitserlanMatthias Zurbriggen (first recorded ascent)[1]
Rute gampang dhéwé Scramble (North)

Aconcagua iku siji gunung ing Provinsi Mendoza, Argentina. Aconcagua iku gunung sing paling dhuwur ing Amérika. Gunung iki dhuwuré 6.962 m.

Pranala njaba[besut | besut sumber]

Cathetan suku[besut | besut sumber]

  1. ^ "There is no definitive proof that the ancient Incas actually climbed to the summit of the White Sentinel [Aconcagua], but there is considerable evidence that they did climb very high on the mountain. Signs of Inca ascents have been found on summits throughout the Andes, thus far the highest atop Llullaillaco, a 6,721-metre (22,051 ft) mountain astride the Chilean-Argentine border in the Atacama region. On Aconcagua, the skeleton of a guanaco was found in 1947 along the ridge connecting the North Summit with the South Summit. It seems doubtful that a guanaco would climb that high on the mountain on his own. Furthermore, a Inca mummy has been found at 5400m on the south west ridge of Aconcagua, near Cerro Piramidal" R. J. Secor, Aconcagua: a climbing guide, The Mountaineers, 1994, ISBN 0-89886-406-2, p. 13.