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SmackDown ya iku acara ulah raga gulat ingkan disiarké ing tivi ing nagari Amérikah Sarékat. Acara iku kagungané World Wrestling Entertaintmet nalika sadurungé asmané World Wrestling Federation. SmackDown iku kaping pisan didamel nalika taun 1999, nalika kapisan tayang, asmané WWF: SmackDown Friday Night. Para kawula gulat uga tanding ing sajejegé ring kaya ta ulah raga Tinju, nanging iki uga gulat gaya bébas. Sèri ingkang sami karo SmackDown ya iku RAW, Wrestle Mania, Summer Slam, Survivor, lan taksih kathah malih. Kabèh iku ing ngisor gènderane World Wrestling Entertaintment, asma gantine World Wrestling Federation.

Gulat WWE[besut | besut sumber]

Episode Date Rating Notes
SmackDown! (Pilot) April 29, 1999 5.8[3] Pilot episode.[4]
SmackDown! (Special) August 26, 1999 4.2[5] Series debut
SmackDown! Extreme February 1, 2001 4.0 First live episode of SmackDown!.
9/11 Tribute September 13, 2001 3.6[6] Tribute in memory of 9/11.
Christmas from Baghdad December 25, 2003 3.0[7] Honored United States Armed Forces.
SmackDown! 5th Anniversary Special September 23, 2004 3.2[8] Celebrated the show's 5th anniversary.
Christmas in Iraq December 23, 2004 2.9[8] Honored United States Armed Forces.
SmackDown! Night of Champions December 30, 2004 3.9[8] Featured championship matches.
Eddie Guerrero Tribute Show November 18, 2005 3.3[9] Tribute in memory of Eddie Guerrero.
Best of SmackDown! 2005 December 23, 2005 2.8[9] Featured clips from 2005.
Best of SmackDown! 2006 December 29, 2006 2.6[10] Featured clips from 2006.
SmackDown! 400th episode April 20, 2007 2.5[11] Celebrated the show's 400th episode.
WWE Best of 2007 December 28, 2007 2.5[11] Featured clips from 2007.
SmackDown All-Star Kick-Off October 3, 2008 2.9[12] Featured Champion vs. Champion matches.
Premiere on MyNetworkTV.
SmackDown 500th episode March 20, 2009 2.7[13] Celebrated the show's 500th episode.
Featured the rosters from all three brands.
Decade of SmackDown October 2, 2009 2.2[14] Celebrated the show's 10th anniversary.[15]
Featured the rosters from all three brands.
Monday Night SmackDown April 19, 2010 3.1[16] Due to air travel disruption after the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption,
most of the Raw roster remained in Belfast after a European tour.
As a result, the SmackDown brand was featured in for the week's WWE Raw program.
Will Forte, Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillippe guest starred.
SmackDown Live Syfy Premiere October 1, 2010 1.7[16] Premiere on Syfy.
Featured the rosters from Raw and SmackDown.
Christmas on USA December 21, 2010 2.5[16] Special Tuesday live Christmas episode on the USA Network.[17]
SmackDown 600th episode February 18, 2011 [18] 2.1[19] Celebrates the show's 600th episode.
Features the rosters from Raw and SmackDown.
SuperSmackDown LIVE! August 30, 2011 2.2[20] First SuperSmackDown LIVE.
It was announced that Raw wrestlers could appear fulltime on SmackDown.
SmackDown Milestone October 14, 2011 2.2[21] Special episode celebrating SmackDown as the second longest running weekly episodic TV show.
SuperSmackDown LIVE! Christmas Special November 29, 2011 2.0[22] Live holiday episode.
WWE Legend Mick Foley guest hosted.
Sin City SmackDown January 20, 2012 2.1[23] A special episode of SmackDown eminating from Las Vegas, Nevada
The stipulations of the matches are determined by the spin of a wheel, similar to Raw Roulette.
SuperSmackDown LIVE! February 21, 2012 [24] 1.7[25] Live episode of SmackDown.
SuperSmackDown LIVE: Blast from the Past April 10, 2012 [26] 1.5[20] Live episode of SmackDown.
Old school theme featuring appearances from WWE Hall of Famers and Legends.
SuperSmackDown LIVE: The Great American Bash July 3, 2012 [27] 1.7[28] Live episode of SmackDown.
Celebration of Independence Day.
The Great American Bash 20-Man Battle Royal.[27]
Friday Night ZackDown July 13, 2012 1.8[29] The winner of The Great American bash 20-Man Battle Royal; Zack Ryder ran SmackDown as acting general manager for one night only.
SuperSmackDown LIVE! November 7, 2012 1.52 Live episode of SmackDown.
SuperSmackDown LIVE! December 18, 2012 2.29 Live episode of SmackDown that was commercial free on the USA Network.

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