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Film or Filem?[besut sumber]

This page is using Filem 1989 for category 1989 films, but it ALSO uses Film Amérika Sarékat and Film abasa Inggris for American films and English-language films. Furthermore, the title of this article is The Little Mermaid (film 1989). Should it be renamed The Little Mermaid (filem 1989) instead? Kkjj rembugan 26 Januari 2017 23.34 (UTC)

Thank you @Kkjj: for noticing this. I'm trying to move every "film" to "filem" because it is what is written in Javanese magazine. The process may take long time since I can do the replacement during the weekend and very few users are here. So, you will encounter some inconsistencies during this period. Wirjadisastra rembugan 27 Januari 2017 14.09 (UTC)
Can we also lift the protection of this article? There are interwiki links that should be taken off. The other articles with interwiki links include:

There should also be an AWB that replaces all instances of "film" with "filem" in these articles. Kkjj rembugan 27 Januari 2017 14.19 (UTC)

Lifting protection is done @Kkjj:. I will do with AWB tomorrow. If you have any other suggestion, please let me know. Wirjadisastra rembugan 27 Januari 2017 14.59 (UTC)
I mentioned at Dhiskusi:Charlotte's Web (film 1973) that that article also needs to be moved. Also, a lot of these pages appear to be in poor condition with either untranslated content or lack of content in general. Kkjj rembugan 27 Januari 2017 16.57 (UTC)
That's very true @Kkjj:. Well not many people are here and I'm not familiar with the topics, too. Nevertheless, I can help you fix them on some technical (e.g. updating templates; adding, removing, replacing words or categories using AWB) and translation stuffs. Your reports are highly appreciated. Wirjadisastra rembugan 28 Januari 2017 01.36 (UTC)
The plot summary definitely needs improvement. en:The Little Mermaid (1989 film) has a better plot section and lead. Also, the interwikis need to be taken off. This article is still protected unlike the others. Kkjj rembugan 30 Januari 2017 05.21 (UTC)
Done Wirjadisastra rembugan 30 Januari 2017 14.58 (UTC)