Norman Angell

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Raph Norman Angell

Ralph Norman Angell (Holbeach, 26 Desember 1872 - Croydon, 7 Oktober 1967)[1] inggih punika salah satunggaling dosen, penulis, lan anggota parlemen kangge Parté Buruh Britania Raya[2]. Piyambakipun pikantuk Penghargaan Perdamaian Nobel nalika taun 1933 saking selebaran anti perangipun The Great Illusion. Piyambakipun minangka salah satunggaling anggota komite eksekutif Liga Bangsa-bangsa lan Dewan Perdamaian Nasional.[3]

Piyambakipun miyos minangka Ralph Norman Angell Lane, ananging lajeng mbuwang nama Lane.

Karya tulis[sunting | besut sumber]

  • Patriotism under Three Flags: A Plea for Rationalism in Politics (1903)
  • Europe's Optical Illusion (1909, selebaran 126 kaca, langkung jangkep ing The Great Illusion)
  • The Great Illusion: A Study of the Relation of Military Power to National Advantage (335 kaca ing taun 1910, kalajengaken sajumlah edisi "revisi lan dipunagengaken)
  • America and the New World State (ing Amerika Serikat, 1912)
  • The Foundations of International Policy (1912)
  • War and the Workers (1913)
  • Peace Treaties and the Balkan War (1913)
  • Prussianism and its Destruction (1914)
  • America and the New World-State. A Plea for American Leadership in International Organization (1915)
  • Problems of the War and Peace: A Handbook for Students (1915)
  • The World's Highway (1916)
  • The Dangers of Half Preparedness (1916, in U.S.)
  • War Aims: The Need for a Parliament of the Allies (1917)
  • Why Freedom Matters (1917)
  • The Political Conditions of Allied Success: A Protective Union of the Democracies (1918, ing Amerika Serikat)
  • The Treaties and the Economic Chaos (1919)
  • The British Revolution and the American Democracy (1919)
  • The Fruits of Victory (1921)
  • The Press and the Organization of Society (1922)
  • If Britain is to Live (1923)
  • Foreign Policy and Human Nature (1925)
  • Must Britain Travel the Moscow Road? (1926)
  • The Public Mind: Its Disorders: Its Exploitation (1927)
  • The Money Game: Card Games Illustrating Currency (1928)
  • The Story of Money (1929)
  • Can Governments Cure Unemployment? (1931, kaliyan Harold Wright)
  • From Chaos to Control (1932)
  • The Unseen Assassins (1932)
  • The Great Illusion--1933 (1933)
  • The Menace to Our National Defence (1934)
  • Preface to Peace: A Guide for the Plain Man (1935)
  • The Mystery of Money: An Explanation for Beginners (1936)
  • This Have and Have Not Business: Political Fantasy and Economic Fact (1936)
  • Raw Materials, Population Pressure and War (1936, ing AS)
  • The Defence of the Empire (1937)
  • Peace with the Dictators? (1938)
  • Must it be War? (1938)
  • The Great Illusion--Now (1939)
  • For What do We Fight? (1939)
  • You and the Refugee (1939)
  • America's Dilemma (1941, in U.S.)
  • Let the People Know (1943, in U.S.)
  • The Steep Places (1947)
  • After All: The Autobiography of Norman Angell (London: Hamish Hamilton, 1951)

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