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Jack London

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Jack London
Jack London antawis taun 1900.
Lair12 Januari 1876
Pati22 November 1916
PakaryaNovelis, cerpenis

Jack London (lair 12 Januari 1876 – pati 22 Novèmber 1916 ing umur 40 taun)[1] inggih punika salah satunggaling sastrawan asal nagara Amérika Sarékat ingkang minangka panyeratThe Call of the Wild lan langkung saking 50 buku sanèsipun. Piyambakipun minangka salah satunggaling tiyang Amérika Sarékat kapisanan ingkang paling sukses kanthi komersial saking babagan nyerat.[2]


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Cerita Cekak

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  • Diable-A Dog
  • An Odyssey of the North
  • To the Man on Trail
  • To Build a Fire
  • The Law of Life
  • Moon-Face
  • The Leopard Man's Story (1903)
  • Negore the Coward (1904)
  • Love of Life
  • All Gold Canyon
  • The Apostate
  • In a Far Country
  • The Chinago
  • A Piece of Steak
  • Good-by, Jack
  • Samuel
  • Told in the Drooling Ward
  • The Mexican
  • The Red One
  • The White Silence
  • The Madness of John Harned
  • A Thousand Deaths
  • The Rejuvenation of Major Rathbone
  • Even unto Death
  • A Relic of the Pliocene
  • The Shadow and the Flash
  • The Enemy of All the World
  • A Curious Fragment
  • Goliah
  • The Unparalled Invasion
  • When the World was Young
  • The Strength of the Strong
  • War
  • The Scarlet Plague
  • The Red One
  • The Seed of McCoy
  • Batard
  • The Acorn Planter: a California Forest Play (1916)

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