Louis Armstrong

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Louis Armstrong

Latar wuri
Jeneng Louis Armstrong
Génré Dixieland, jazz, swing, pop tradhisional
Pegawéyan Musisi
Instrumèn Trompèt, cornet, vokal
Taun aktif c. 1914–71
Magepokan karo Joe "King" Oliver, Ella Fitzgerald, Kid Ory, Bobby Hackett

Louis Armstrong[1] (dipunlairaken 4 Agustus 1901 – surud 6 Juli 1971 kanthi umur 69 taun),[2] kanthi julukan Satchmo[3] utawa Pops, iku sawijining pamain trompèt jazz kabangsan Amerika Serikat lan penyanyi saka New Orleans, Louisiana.

Cathetan[sunting | Owah sumber]

  1. ^ He preferred that his name be pronounced Louie. "It's like Louis Armstrong - he spelled his name Louis, but he liked it to be said as Louie," recalls Louie Bellson [1]. Armstrong was registered as "Lewie" for the 1920 U.S. Census. On various live records he's called "Louie" on stage, such as on the 1952 "Can Anyone Explain?" from the live album In Scandinavia vol.1. It should also be noted that "Lewie" is the French pronunciation of "Louis" and is commonly used in Louisiana. However, when referring to himself in "Hello Dolly!," he pronounces his name as "Lewis" ("Hello, Dolly. This is Lewis, Dolly"), pronouncing the 's'.
  2. ^ Armstrong said he was not sure exactly when he was born, but celebrated his birthday on July 4. He usually gave the year as 1900 when speaking in public (although he used 1901 on his Social Security and other papers filed with the government). Using Roman Catholic Church documents from when his grandmother took him to be baptized, New Orleans music researcher Tad Jones established Armstrong's actual date of birth as August 4, 1901. With various other collaborative evidence, this date is now accepted by Armstrong scholars. See also age fabrication Armstrong had no middle name, but a 1949 Time magazine profile gave him the middle name of Daniel. The census and baptismal records confirm he had no middle name.
  3. ^ For "satchel-mouth."

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