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The Five Heartbeats
The Five Heartbeats.
The Five Heartbeats.
AsalNew York City, New York, AS
Taun aktif1965 - 1973
LabelBig Red, A&B
Mantan anggota
Eddie King, Jr.
J.T. Matthews
Anthony "Choirboy" Stone
Terrance "Dresser" Williams
Michael "Flash" Turner

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{{Infobox musical artist 2
|Name = 
|Img = 
|Img_capt = 
|Background = 
|Birth_name = 
|Alias = 
|Born = 
|Died = 
|Origin = 
|Instrument = 
|Genre = 
|Occupation = 
|Years_active = 
|Label = 
|Associated_acts = 
|URL = 
|Current_members = 
|Past_members = 

Fields[besut sumber]

  • Name: The name of the act.
  • Img: An image of the band clear enough to display at 200 pixels wide.
  • Img_capt: A caption for the above image.
  • Background: A name chosen according to the established guidelines below.
  • Birth_name: The performer's name at birth (applies only to solo acts)
  • Alias: For listing official stage names for the group or performer, and also for solo performers who change their birth name.
  • Born: The performer's date of birth. If the performer was born in one city, and raised/established in another, list the city of birth here as well (applies only to solo acts).
  • Died: The date and location of the performer's death.
  • Origin: The city from which the act originated.
  • Instrument: The instruments the performer plays. Singing, rapping, beatboxing, and scat singing are considered instruments.
  • Genre: The genre(s) of music the performer plays. It is perferred to be more general here than specific (for example, Hip hop instead of East Coast hip hop)
  • Occupation: The types of musical work the artist does (applies only to solo acts)
  • Years active: The period during which the group was active, in years.
  • Label: The record label(s) the act has been signed to. Include a comma-seperated list, with no parenthetical dates (save that information for the main article). Be sure also to disinclude the word "Records" at the end of the label's name; for example, type [[Arista Records|Arista]] instead of [[Arista Records]].
  • Associated_acts: Acts from which this act spun off, acts which spun off a group act, groups a solo performer is a member of, and acts which which the act frequently associates with.
  • URL: The web address for the act's official website.
  • Current_members: The current members of the group (only applies to group acts)
  • Past members: The past memebers of the group (only applies to group acts)

Notes[besut sumber]

  • Never link years, unless accompanied by dates.
  • Please see the WikiProject Musicians project page for more information about this template. Most fields are optional and the row will simply be omitted if no data is supplied.

Colors[besut sumber]

The infobox is color-coded to provide a quick indication of the type of group/performer, e.g. solo artist, orchestra, etc. This is similar to the color schemes used by Wikipedia:WikiProject Albums and other projects. Please discuss additional types that need to be accounted for on the talk page.

The user doesn't choose the colors directly: he simply specifies a name which identifies the type of performer, and is indicated, on each bar, in the table below.

solo_singer All vocal solo artists (includes singer-songwriters and singer-instrumentalists)
non_vocal_instrumentalist All non-vocal instrumentalists
non_performing_personnel All producers, songwriters, arrangers, engineers, and other non-performing personnel
group_or_band All groups, bands, crews, or other non-classical music ensembles
cover_band Cover and tribute bands (same as Wikipedia:WikiProject Albums' color for covers/tribute albums)
classical_ensemble All orchestras and other classical music ensembles
temporary Temporary collaborative projects

Sample template[besut sumber]

The following template code produced the info box on this page

{{Infobox musical artist 2
|Name = The Five Heartbeats
|Img = Five heartbeats.jpg
|Img_capt = The Five Heartbeats.
|Background = group_or_band
|Origin = [[New York City]], [[New York]], [[USA]]
|Genre = [[R&B]]/[[soul music|soul]]
|Years_active = 1965 - 1973
|Label = Big Red, A&B
|First_album = ''Together Forever'' (1966)
|Latest_album = ''The Five Heartbeats'' (1973)
|URL = []
|Past_members = Eddie King, Jr. <br /> J.T. Matthews <br /> Anthony "Choirboy" Stone <br /> Terrance "Dresser" Williams <br /> Michael "Flash" Turner