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Request for your feedback on improving the Content Translation tool for Javanese Wikipedia[besut sumber]

Hello Wiwik P,

Apologies as this message is not in your native language. My name is Uzoma, a Community Relations Specialist supporting the WMF Language team. Nice to e-meet you. I am contacting you because the WMF Language team noticed a huge deletion ratio of articles created with Content Translation in Javanese Wikipedia last quarter. Since you are one of the experienced contributors in Javanese Wikipedia, we would appreciate your feedback on what you think is the reason for the deletion of articles translated with the Content translation tool.

Our request

We understand that it can be discouraging, especially for newcomers, to translate an article and eventually, it's deleted. So, as a contributor, we would appreciate it if you could help us understand the following:

  • What is the most challenging part of translating an article using the Content Translation tool in Javanese Wikipedia? Is it:
    • Adding the references
    • Adding or editing the Infobox
    • Having missing templates
    • Using the Machine Translation
    • Editing links in the articles
    • Publishing translated article
    • Other issues or combination of the above
  • Why is the above the most challenging part of translating articles in your Wikipedia?
  • In your opinion, what changes can be made to the tool that can make more people in your community use the tool more frequently?
  • Why do you think some translated articles are being deleted?

Your answering the above question will help us understand your challenges with the tool, its aspect you think needs improvement that will enable your community to use the tool more and reduce the rate of content deletion.

Please, feel free to give us feedback in this thread, or you can email us your feedback.

Thank you so much; we look forward to your response, and Happy New Year!

UOzurumba (WMF) (rembugan) 3 Januari 2022 14.43 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Pertalan[besut sumber]

Nuwun sèwu. Kala wingi (sejatosipun sampun pinten-pinten taun kapengker) sak éling kula sampun diaruhi kaliyan naraguna sanès supados anggèné panjenengan mertal artikel nganggé PertalanKontèn menika mbok dilèrèni riyin. Kula sawang sak klébatan artikel-artikelé panjenengan taksih wonten ingkang dèrèng dipertal infobox-é, boten wonten kategoriné, kaliyan kadhangkala wonten ingkang rusak rujukané. Niki sampun pinten-pinten taun lho, Mbak. Mertal kanthi cara manual kémawon. — Labdajiwa (rembugan) 6 Fèbruari 2023 16.10 (UTC)[wangsuli]

You have been a medical translators within Wikipedia. We have recently relaunched our efforts and invite you to join the new process. Let me know if you have questions. Best Doc James (talk · contribs · email) 12:34, 13 August 2023 (UTC)