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'''Piombino''' kuwi sawijining kutha lan commune ing [[Provinsi Livorno]] ([[Toscana]]), [[Italia]], dumunung ana ing panté [[Segara Tyrrhenian]], ing sangarepé Pulo [[Elba]] lan sisih loré [[Maremma]].
[[ImageGambar:Piombino1.jpg|thumb|220px|left|Mercusuar ing plabuhan ''Marina'']]
It has an ancient historical center, derived from the time in which it was the [[Etruscans]]' port, in the surroundings of [[Populonia]]. In the [[Middle Ages]], it was instead an important port of [[Pisa]]'s Republic.
Its [[hinterland]] hosts a considerable industrial area. Its port is still heavily used, both for industry and for tourism, with ferry-boats to [[Portoferraio]] (Elba) and [[Olbia]] ([[Sardinia]]).
== Komunitas tangga ==
* [[Campiglia Marittima]]
* [[Follonica]]
* [[San Vincenzo (LI)|San Vincenzo]]
* [[Suvereto]]
Piombino has schools, gymnasia (middle school), lyceums (high school), churches, banks, parks and squares. In the locality of Punta Falcone is an astronomical observatory, created in 1976.
== Kutha kembar ==
* [[Flémalle]], [[Belgia]]
== Sajarah pedunung ==
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== Pranala jaba ==
* [http://www.comune.piombino.li.it situs resmi]
* http://www.anpi.it/piombino.html
* {{commons-inline|Piombino}}
* '''Peta lan foto udhara'''
** [http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?latlongtype=decimal&latitude=42.91667&longitude=10.533&zoom=6 Street map from Mapquest]. [http://maps.msn.com/map.aspx?&lats1=42.91667&lons1=-10.533&alts1=35 MapPoint] or [http://maps.google.com/maps?||=42.91667,10.533 Google]
** [http://terraserver.microsoft.com/map.aspx?t=1&s=14&lon=10.533&lat=42.91667&w=750&h=500 Aerial photograph from Microsoft Terraserver] or [http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=42.91667,10.533&spn=0.11,0.18&t=k Google]
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