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Oak Creek Canyon
South view, from above north terminus (Coconino Plateau)
Coconino Sandstone cliffs above Hermit Shale,[1] on west canyon wall
Location in Arizona,
northeast of Verde River
Arah sumbuNorth-South
Dawa sumbu12 miles (19 km)
Amba0.8 to 2.5 miles (1.3 to 4.0 km)
Koordinat34°54′45″N 111°43′37″W / 34.91250°N 111.72694°W / 34.91250; -111.72694Koordhinat: 34°54′45″N 111°43′37″W / 34.91250°N 111.72694°W / 34.91250; -111.72694
Traversed byArizona State Route 89A
Parameter Description
name Name of the valley. If more than one valley by the name exists, the article is likely disambiguated but this name in the infobox should be the undisambiguated name.
other_name Other name for the valley if relatively well known. Quotes can be used as normal to italicize or bold the text if desired.
photo Photograph of the valley. Preferably a distance shot to show most/all of the valley. Do not include the "File:" prefix. If uploading a new image, please put them on Commons so they can be easily used by the other language Wikipedias.
photo_size Specify the width of the photo in pixels. For example photo_size = 200 with no "px". If no value is specified, the default width is 288 pixels. A standard horizontal photographic composition will generally display well at 288px. A standard vertical composition may need to be adjusted to 180 or 220 pixels.
photo_alt Alt text for the photo, primarily for visually impaired readers. See Wikipedia:Alternative text for images.
photo_caption Description of the photograph which is displayed below.
elevation Elevation of the valley floor. Metres should be used first for all valleys outside of the United States and feet for those within the U.S. For conversions, use elevation_m for metres to feet or elevation_ft for feet to metres.
elevation_ref Reference for the elevation using the standard <ref> </ref> tags. If elevation_m/elevation_ft was used, the reference must be supplied using this parameter.
location Province or state first, followed by country. For USA, the county is optional but if given, be provided before the state. If a pushpin map is being used, the location will be used for the map's caption unless the map_caption parameter is set.
direction The direction of the longer axis of the valley
length The length of the valley, measured along the longer axis. Use {{convert}} for both metric and US units.
width The width of the valley, measured along the shorter axis. Use {{convert}} for both metric and US units.
area The area of the valley. Use {{convert}} for both metric and US units.
depth The depth of the valley (from rim to floor).
type The geological type of valley (e.g., glacial)
age The age of the rocks of the valley walls
boundaries Geographic features that are immediately adjacent to the valley.
map The name of a location map as per Template:Location map (e.g. Indonesia or Russia). The coordinate fields (e.g. lat_d and long_d) position a pushpin coordinate marker and label on the map automatically.
label Label to be used for the valley's location on the map. If not specified, the value of the name parameter is used.
label_position The position of the label on the pushpin map relative to the pushpin coordinate marker. Valid options are {left, right, top, bottom, none}. If this field is not specified, the default value is right.
map_alt Alt text for the map, primarily for visually impaired readers. See Alt text for maps.
map_caption Fill out if a map caption is desired. If not specified, location will be used.
relief If a location map template is specified, relief=1 will attempt to display a relief map if one is available. To force the default map image to display use |map_relief=0.
map_size Must be entered as only a number—no need for px. The default value is 250.
lat_d Latitude degrees. Can also be used for decimal degrees.
lat_m Latitude minutes.
lat_s If known, latitude seconds.
lat_NS N for North; S for South.
long_d Longitude degrees. Can also be used for decimal degrees.
long_m Longitude minutes.
long_s If known, longitude seconds.
long_EW E for East; W for West.
Specifies the position of the location marker when the X,Y method for map display is used. The coordinates of the marker in pixels based on a map width of 1000 pixels. The template will scale these values for proper display. See {{Infobox map}} for further details.
region Either a two character ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code or an ISO 3166-2 region code. See region.
source The source of the coordinate data. See source.
coordinates The latitude and longitude of the summit using the {{coord}} template with display=inline,title. If the article uses a geolinks template in the external links section, do not use the display parameter. Note that using lat_d and long_d will cause this parameter to be ignored.
coordinates_ref For any references regarding the coordinates reported. <ref> </ref> tags must be used.
topo The name of the topographic map showing the valley. In Canada, this is usually the National Topographic System map number while for the USA, it's the map name from the USGS.
towns Population centers within the valley
traversed Road or trails that cross or run through the valley
watercourses Rivers that flow into or along the bottom of the valley
footnotes References to support the infobox information
embed "yes" if the valley infobox is embedded inside another Infobox

Blank template

[besut sumber]
{{Infobox valley
| name = 
| embed =
| other_name = 
| photo = 
| photo_size = 
| photo_width =
| photo_caption = 
| photo_alt = 
| map = 
| map_size = 
| map_width =
| map_alt =
| map_caption =
| label =
| label_position =
| lat_d  = | lat_m  = | lat_s  = | lat_NS  =
| long_d = | long_m = | long_s = | long_EW = 
| coordinates_ref =
| location =
| elevation = | elevation_m = | elevation_ft = 
| elevation_ref =
| direction =
| length =
| width =
| area = 
| depth = 
| type = 
| age =
| boundaries =
| topo =
| towns =
| traversed = 
| watercourses =
| footnotes =


[besut sumber]
{{Infobox valley
|name = Oak Creek Canyon
|photo = Oak Creek Canyon 02.jpg
|photo_size = 235
|photo_caption = South view, from above north terminus ([[Coconino Plateau]])<br>[[Coconino Sandstone]] cliffs above [[Hermit Shale]],<ref>Chronic, Halka. ''Roadside Geology of Arizona,'' c. 1983, 23rd printing, 321 pages, (''US 89A Flagstaff to Arizona''), pp. 233-236, map ref, pg. 192.</ref> on west canyon wall
|length = {{convert|12|mi|km}}
|direction = North-South
|width = {{convert|0.8|to|2.5|mi|km}}
|lat_d = 34 |lat_m = 54 |lat_s = 45 |lat_NS = N
|long_d = 111 |long_m = 43 |long_s = 37 |long_EW = W
|map = Arizona
|map_size = 180
|map_caption = Location in Arizona, <br>northeast of [[Verde River]]
|label = Oak_Creek_Canyon
|label_position   = top<!-- the position of the pushpin label: left, right, top, bottom, none -->
|traversed = [[Arizona State Route 89A]]


[besut sumber]

The articles created using this template include an hCard microformat. For more information read this.

  1. Chronic, Halka. Roadside Geology of Arizona, c. 1983, 23rd printing, 321 pages, (US 89A Flagstaff to Arizona), pp. 233-236, map ref, pg. 192.