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Bánh tráng

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Bánh tráng
A bánh tráng wrapper
JinisEdible wrapper
Panggonan asalVietnam
Tlatah utawa prajaSoutheast Asia
Woworan pokokRice flour or tapioca starch (or both) and various ingredients and spices depending on the type of banh trang
VariasiThin, soft to thick, depending on the type of banh trang
Buku masakan: Bánh tráng  Médhia: Bánh tráng

Bánh tráng utawa bánh đa nem, istilah Vietnam (kanthi harfiah, kue lan kulit nem sing ditutupi), kadhang diarani bungkus kertas beras, crepe beras, wafer beras utawa bungkus nem, minangka bungkus Vietnam sing bisa dipangan sing digunakake ing masakan Vietnam, utamane ing panganan nyamikan lan panganan pembuka kayata pasugatan nem Vietnam. Istilah bungkus kertas beras kadhang bisa dadi kesalahan, amarga sawetara bungkus banh trang digawe saka glepung beras sing ditambah karo glepung tapioka utawa kadang diganti kanthi glepung tapioka. [1] [2] Versi panggang yaiku trang nướng . [3]

Rujukan[besut | besut sumber]

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  3. Phillip Taylor, Modernity and Re-Enchantment: Religion in Post-Revolutionary Vietnam Institute of Southeast Asian Studies - 2007 p 145 "... along with personal bowls, spoons, chopsticks, paper napkins, saucers of fish-sauce dip and bottles of beer and soft drinks. ... and onion, seasoned with lime, sugar and fish sauce, served with a large roasted rice cracker [bánh tráng nướng].