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The following types of usernames are prohibited:
  • Promotional usernames:
    • Are the name of a company, organization, group, website, or product (including non-profit organizations)
    • Contain URLs or email addresses
  • Usernames implying shared account use:
    • Imply shared access between people, such as "Jack and Jills Account"
    • Are names of posts within groups or organizations, such as "Secretary of the XY Foundation"
  • Misleading usernames:
    • May impersonate celebrities, major world figures, known Wikipedia editors, etc.
    • Contain words like "bot" or "script" which refer to accounts designed to perform automated editing processes, unless the account is an authorised account of that type
    • Contain phrases like "admin" or "sysop", which imply illusory authority on Wikipedia
  • Offensive usernames:
    • Contain words or phrases that are likely to offend other contributors
    • Contain or imply personal attacks or contain contentious material about living persons
  • Disruptive usernames:
    • Seem intended to provoke emotional reaction ("trolling")
    • Show a clear intent to disrupt Wikipedia
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