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This template inserts a green tick (check mark) inline in the text. It is often used as the opposite of {{Cross}}.

Usage[besut sumber]

This template inserts an inline green tick or check () image, indicating agreement (or other affirmatives: acceptance, completion, etc.). It is not for use in articles.

The tick image defaults to 20px in size. To change the size, call with a pixel value as an argument, such as:


The |color= or |colour= parameter can be used to change the color of the :

color codes output notes
ijo grn gn the default
ijo padhang lgreen lgrn lgn
abang rd r
abang tuwa dkred drd dr
abang enom pnk pk
oranye or o
kuning yel y
biru blu u
biru padhang lblue lblu lb
sian cy c
wungu pur pu
cokelat brn bn
ireng blk k
klawu gray gry gy is actually semi-transparent

TemplateData[besut sumber]

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

TemplateData for Tick

A template that inserts a green (by default) tick (check mark) inline in the text

Paramèter cithakan

Cithakan iki condhong menyang format paramèter salarik.


Sets the size of the tick mark

Colorcolor colour

Sets the color of the tick mark


Uga delok[besut sumber]

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