Cithakan:Starbox observe

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Dhata pangamatan
Epos {{{epoch}}}
Rasi lintang {{{constell}}}
Asensio rekta {{{ra}}}
Dhéklinasi {{{dec}}}
Magnitudo katon (V) {{{appmag_v}}}

This template is part of a group of templates that are used to display astronomical information related to a specific star or stellar system. The {{Starbox begin}} is always first in the list. It can be used as follows:

 {{Starbox observe |
   epoch=Epoch of coordinates |
   constell=Constellation name |
   ra=Right Ascension |
   dec=Declination |
   appmag_v=Apparent magnitude }}

Use of the {{RA}} template is recommended for the Right Ascension format, and the {{DEC}} template for the Declination format.

For double star systems where RA and DEC measurements are available for both components, {{Starbox observe 2s}} may be used.

The Starbox observe can be preceded or followed by other Starbox templates:

The list should then be closed with a {{Starbox end}} template.