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Dhokumèntasi cithakan[deleng] [besut] [sujarah] [busak telih]

This template can be used to stack images and other floating content such as infobox templates without causing problems with spacing and floating. Enter a string of images/templates as the first parameter to have them stack without generating floating errors or spacing errors. You can stack many objects from the top of a section and not force further subsections to space out.

Usage[besut sumber]


<objects> is simply a string of wiki code for many images / templates.

Optional parameters[besut sumber]


  • float= left or right (default is right)
    This option can be used to float the stack the left or right of the page
  • clear= true or false (default is false)
    This option can be used to force the stack to the far left or right (e.g., near an infobox).

Examples[besut sumber]

Lipsum[besut sumber]


The above code is placed directly under the main heading ("Example").


Lorem[besut sumber]


Ipsum[besut sumber]



See also[besut sumber]