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Cithakan:Tdeprecated historical

Before it was deprecated, its code looked like {{{else{{{test|}}}|{{{test{{{test|}}}|{{{then|}}}}}}}}}

Purpose and Function

Provides if then else functionality.

  • Parameter else is optional.
  • This template has undefined behaviour, if parameter test or then (or both) are missing.
  • This template also has undefined behaviour, if any parameter (be it named or unnamed) that is different from test, then or else is defined when calling the template.

Note that {{qif}} does not work when subst'ed (like {{ifndef}}, the then part alone as in {{ifdef}} can be substituted). Of course it's impossible to use vertical bars in parameter values directly, use either | or Template:! - the latter is only relevant for Wiki table delimiters.

Wikipedia CTO Brion VIBBER has expressed support to implement the functionality of qif into MediaWiki. So qif should not be viewed as definitive solution.


  |then=code if 'test' is not empty     
  |else=code if 'test' is empty

Parameter else is optional. So you may also do:

  |then=code if 'test' is not empty     



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