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Creates a location map as a composite image of an existing map in orthographic projection with a marker and a label superimposed onto it.

Begins with {{Location map start}}, follows {{Location map marker}} and finishes with {{Location map end}} (see usage).

Usage[besut sumber]

{{Location map start|location
 |float=left or right or none
 |width=width of the map
{{Location map marker|location
 |lat=latitude in degrees
 |long=longitude in degrees
 |background=color - background color for the label, defaults to none 
 |mark=image file name - a red dot by default
 |mark size= default is 8x8px
 |position=left or right - position of the label relative to the mark, defaults to right
{{Location map end|location
 |caption=caption - caption below the map

Parameter location refers to Template:Location map location containing the name and coordinates of a map. For example Template:Location map Slovenia (backlinks, edit), which in turn refers to Image:Obcine Slovenija 2005.png.

Available maps[besut sumber]

List of templates Template:Location map location (here without prefix "Template:"):

Creating new maps[besut sumber]

  1. Find an appropriate blank map in an orthographic projection.
  2. Create a template named Template:Location map location (copy the content of any other map template into it and enter appropriate values).

Issues[besut sumber]

Doesn't handle longitude properly for maps crossing the +/- 180 meridian yet.

For coordinates with western longitude don't forget the minus sign!

example: {{Location map marker|Westernland|label=Westerntown|lat=46.05|long=-14.5}}

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