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{{Infobox British Royalty|(highness/royal/majesty)|(consort)
| name                 =Most common name (e.g. George III; Prince William Augustus
      (not William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland); Sophie (neither Princess Edward nor Princess
      Sophie); Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (rather than Queen Elizabeth); Prince William (rather than
      Prince William of Wales) etc.)
| title                =Principal title(s) in use (e.g. King of England; prev. Duke of Edinburgh,
      Prince Henry of Wales (without preliminary style (e.g. ''HRH'')))
| image                =X.jpg
| caption              =Details of artist and year, for instance
| reign                =[[D Month]] [[YYYY]] — [[D Month]] [[YYYY]] (for monarchs and their
      consorts (although dates may differ between the two))
| coronation           =[[D Month]] [[YYYY]] (for monarchs and their consorts)
| predecessor          =for monarchs and Dukes whose titles are hereditary
| successor            =see above
| suc-type             =(Heir-Apparent/Heir-Presumptive/Successor)
| spouse               =husbands/wives only; listed by most commmon name/title, most recent first,
      with line breaks (<br />), if applicable: e.g. [[Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall|The Duchess
      of Cornwall]] (2005 — )<br />[[Diana, Princess of Wales|Lady Diana Spencer]] (1981 — 1996)
| issue                =Descending in order of birth, separated by line breaks (<br />); listed by
      name and highest shorthand title (e.g. Edward, Earl of Wessex), no need for preceding styles
      (e.g. ''HM'')
| full name            =Full legal non-titular name (current/most recent)
| titles               =A list of all common shorthand titles, with preceding styles (shortened
      forms, e.g. ''HH'' not ''His Highness''; ''The Hon'' not ''The Honourable''; ''Lady'' not
      ''The Lady''), listed most recent first, with line breaks (<br />)
| royal house          =listed most recent first, with line breaks (e.g. [[House of
      Windsor]]<br />[[House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha]])
| royal anthem         =for monarchs - since George II, [[God Save the Queen|God Save the King]] or
      [[God Save the Queen]]
| father               =most common shorthand title, no need for preceding styles (e.g. ''HM'')
| mother               =most common shorthand title, no need for preceding styles (e.g. ''HM'')
| date of birth        =[[D Month]] [[YYYY]]
| place of birth       =[[Residence]], [[Town/City/County/Region/Country]] (e.g. [[Norfolk House]],
      [[London]]; [[Windsor Castle]], [[Berkshire]]; [[St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle|St
      George's Chapel]], [[Windsor]]; Rosenau Castle, [[Coburg]])
| date of christening  =[[D Month]] [[YYYY]]
| place of christening =see place of birth
| date of death        =[[D Month]] [[YYYY]]
| place of death       =see place of birth
| date of burial       =[[D Month]] [[YYYY]]
| place of burial      =see place of birth
| occupation           =Primary non-royal occupation, previous occupations listed most recent first
      (if deceased, no need for "prev.") e.g. Theatre; prev. Broadcasting, or Military; Author