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Your feedback matters: Final reminder to take the global Wikimedia survey[besut sumber]

(Sorry for writing in English)

Hello EGalvez, I believe I have taken the survey via the email link. Meursault2004ngobrol 22 Februari 2017 18.50 (UTC)

Nyuwun tulung dibusek[besut sumber]

Sugeng enjang Mas Revi. Kala rumiyin (2008) kawula nate ngunggah gambar wonten ing mriki. Gandheng gambar punika sampun kawula unggah miyos commons, menawi saget, nyuwun tulung dibusek kemawon, kalebet niki ingkang kaunggah dening Mbak Nur Hanifah_Insani. Saderengipun, matur nuwun. Rahayu. gigho (wicantenan) 11 Maret 2017 - 04.59 WIB

Sugeng énjing Mas Igho, gambaripun sampun kula busak. Rahayu! Meursault2004ngobrol 10 Maret 2017 23.03 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Matur nuwun, Mas Revi. gigho (wicantenan) 11 Maret 2017 - 10.00 WIB

Translate[besut sumber]

Hello, could you please translate this article into Javanese? Thank you. 12 Juni 2017 08.03 (UTC)[wangsuli]

OK. Ich habe die Introduktion aus dem deutschen Artikel übersetzt. Der Rest folgt später (irgendwann in der Zukunft). Meursault2004ngobrol 12 Juni 2017 08.45 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Layang panyuwun minangka juri Wiki Mrebawani II[besut sumber]

Sugeng siyang Pak Revo

Kula makili panitya Wiki Mrebawani II lumantar layang punika nyuwun pambiyantu supados Pak Revo saged minangka juri ing pasanggiri punika. Ingkang kedah Pak Revo damel mangkih sami kados ing pasanggiri Wiki Mrebawani taun kapengker, inggih punika mbiji artikel-artikel ingkang dipunkempalaken panyarta adhedhasar saé-botenipun leléwaning basa (gaya bahasa) artikel ingkang kakempalaken sarana angka 0 ngantos 100.

Saben panyarta badhé ngempalaken 4 artikel sampurna ingkang wewatonipun kapacak ing riki. Artikel ingkang kedah Pak Revo biji wonten ing kaca punika. Pak Revo mangkih mbiji ing kolem Biji saking Juri 1 lan sampun kesupèn nilar tapak asma ing kolem candhakipun Tapak Asmanipun Juri 1. Bokbilih saged, Pak Revo saged miwiti mbiji punika ing minggu punika dumugi 15 Sèptèmber 2017 ing minggu ngajeng. Matur nuwun awit kawigatosanipun.

Rahayu, Wirjadisastra (rembugan) 4 Sèptèmber 2017 04.28 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Inggih matur nuwun sanget Mas Wirjadisastra kagem kapitadosanipun. Kula saged dados juri malih kados taun kapengker. Rahayu! Meursault2004ngobrol 4 Sèptèmber 2017 05.04 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Matur nuwun sanget, 'nggih Pak Wirjadisastra (rembugan) 4 Sèptèmber 2017 05.14 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Sami-sami. Meursault2004ngobrol 4 Sèptèmber 2017 07.11 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Pak Revo, badhé ngémutaken bilih dinten punika 15 Sèptèmber 2017 minangka deadline pambijinipun artikel-artikel Wiki Mrebawani II. Nuwun. Wirjadisastra (rembugan) 15 Sèptèmber 2017 08.33 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Oh, inggih. Matur nuwun sampun dipunpèngetaken. Mangké kula tuwèni. Meursault2004ngobrol 15 Sèptèmber 2017 08.59 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Matur nuwun, Pak. Pak, niku kula larasaken, nggih. Kadosipun Pak Revo nganggé skala 0-10, déné kedahipun skala 0-100. Wirjadisastra (rembugan) 16 Sèptèmber 2017 00.46 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Sampun kula leresaken Mas Wirjadisastra :-) Meursault2004ngobrol 16 Sèptèmber 2017 06.18 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Matur nuwun sanget Pak Revo 🙏 Wirjadisastra (rembugan) 16 Sèptèmber 2017 10.38 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Sami-sami. Meursault2004ngobrol 16 Sèptèmber 2017 17.00 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Genosida[besut sumber]

Pak, tembung Jawi ingkang tegesipun mèmper "genosida" utawa "massacre" punika napa, nggih? Nuwun Wirjadisastra (rembugan) 10 Sèptèmber 2017 09.12 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Mas Wirjadisastra, ngertos kula menika tumpes kanggé tembung kriyanipun. Menawi tembung aran génosida pamanggih kula mboten menapa-napa. Meursault2004ngobrol 10 Sèptèmber 2017 09.36 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Tangled[besut sumber]

Pak, tembung Jawi ingkang trep kanggé tembung "perusahaan" punapa, nggih? Wirjadisastra (rembugan) 9 Novèmber 2017 08.29 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Mas Wirjadisastra, ingkang limrah menika 'firma'. Utawi tembung perusahaan ugi kadhangkala dipunanggé. Kados saged dipunpriksani konsèp usaha (lan dagang) menika dipunsiriki para priyantun, mila mboten gadhah tembung kanggé konsèp menika. :-D Meursault2004ngobrol 9 Novèmber 2017 14.21 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Istilah bab pamukiman[besut sumber]

Pak, istilah-istilah punika menawi dipertal tembung ingkang trep ing basa Jawi punapa, nggih?

  • County
  • Municipality
  • Town
  • Township

Matur nuwun.🐱 Amy · (Parembugan) 10 Novèmber 2017 08.46 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Matur nuwun pitakènanipun Mbak Amy. Menika radi angèl mertal tetembungan Inggris menika:
  • County taksih gampil. Menika saged dipunpertal dados kabupatèn. Tembung bènten kanggé kabupatèn menika distrik
  • Municipality radi angèl. Teng Wikipédia basa Indonésia, tembung menika kapertal dados munisipalitas. Nanging sayektinipun tembung menika mboten wonten ing basa Indonésia. Déning bausastra Inggris-Indonésia (Echols-Shadily) tembung menika kapertal dados kotamadya utawi kotapraja. Kotamadya sampun mboten wonten resminipun ing Indonésia, senadyan tembung menika taksih tansah dipunenggé. Mbokmenawi municipality saged dipunpertal dados kitha (ngoko kutha) utawi dhusun (ngoko désa) miturut kontèksipun.
  • Town menika biyasanipun kutha utawi kutha alit. Town biyasanipun mboten gadhah status administrasi kados city.
  • Township menika tegesipun saged bènten-bènten. Wonten Wikipédia Inggris township dipuntrangaken minangka: The word township is used to refer to various kinds of settlements in different countries. While a township may be associated with an urban area, there are many exceptions to this rule. In Australia, Canada, Scotland and the United States, the term refers to settlements too small or scattered to be considered urban. BTW bausastra Echols-Shadily mertal tembung township minangka kotapraja kémawon. Kithapraja (ngoko kuthapraja) sayektinipun ungelipun nJawani. Nanging menika kedhah dipunadaptasi miturut kontèks, awit mboten sedaya township menika kithapraja. Meursault2004ngobrol 11 Novèmber 2017 10.03 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Nggih, Pak Revo. Matur nuwun 🙏 🐱 Amy · (Parembugan) 11 Novèmber 2017 11.36 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Liv and Maddie[besut sumber]

Can you take a look at the discussion I started for Liv and Maddie? I believe that this article could be better. I have suggested what it should look like. 2602:306:83A9:3D00:21CC:6C:6341:5ADD 25 Novèmber 2017 01.17 (UTC)[wangsuli]

There has been persistent machine translated spams of articles about fast food restaurants being manufactured in this Wikipedia and other languages. Can you just delete them if they're not worth keeping? These are the ones written in that are still here but not deleted:

They are presumably being made by people being paid to write articles about these restaurants. What's sad is that some of these restaurants are notable, but the poor quality of articles prevents them from being relevant. I've actually been to Whataburger, and I've also been to Hardee's and maybe a few others I can't remember that have been written and deleted. But I don't know which of these places is/are notable for this Wikipedia. 2602:306:83A9:3D00:D138:CC74:53F6:EE68 30 Novèmber 2017 17.18 (UTC)[wangsuli]

OK, I am actually Panganggo:Kkjj, who has been blocked. I can't tell if Bennylin knew who I am, but it's Bambifan101/Ice Age lover. But I'm trying to undo my earlier vandalism. There's still a lot of it left. The restaurant articles weren't made by me originally, but I actually tried to fix them until Seomac of the Irish Wikipedia pointed out the problem with them: the fact that they are not notable. Also, a few months ago I got the original plot summary I wrote for Charlotte's Web (filem 1973) translated into Indonesian, but I asked a friend and they edited the Google translation. What I need to know is if it's good enough to be approved. I haven't seen them approve it yet. Can you edit it if it's wrong? 2602:306:83A9:3D00:D533:7B3E:3B24:116E 4 Dhésèmber 2017 20.13 (UTC)[wangsuli]
I think it's okay. I'll check the Indonesian translation later, before I approve it. But I am a bit busy right now. Meursault2004ngobrol 4 Dhésèmber 2017 20.40 (UTC)[wangsuli]
So you'll help me fix the articles I broke? I mean when you get the chance. Can you unblock the account in this wiki if I promise to be good this time? I still don't know if Bennylin knew it was me or not, but I thought he did. Let me know when you have time. I also would like translations for Dutch and German Wikipedias. Like for example, Gordy is not written in German. And I wanted the plot summary in Dutch for Charlotte's Web based on the one here. A plot summary for Liv and Maddie based on the one in Dutch would be good too. Thank you for understanding this. 2602:306:83A9:3D00:D533:7B3E:3B24:116E 4 Dhésèmber 2017 21.17 (UTC)[wangsuli]
I cannot unblock you, you have been blocked globally. So basically you are banned from Wikimedia. If you want to get unblocked, you'll have to appeal this decision first. I don't know how to do it. Perhaps through the arbitration committee. Meursault2004ngobrol 4 Dhésèmber 2017 21.36 (UTC)[wangsuli]
I meant unblock Kkjj in this wiki. It's not locked, but I can only edit logged out on a different device (which I am now). It was blocked by Bennylin on June 11 this year, but with no reason. 2602:306:83A9:3D00:91AB:E474:8EDF:52B4 4 Dhésèmber 2017 22.05 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Kkjj is still blocked from this wiki ( But I'm allowed to edit in other Wikipedias besides this and cy (Welsh). Yes, they knew it was me (The Disney Vandal) in Welsh, but I'm trying NOT to use Google to translate pages anymore. Did you ever review the Charlotte's Web (filem 1973) plot summary in Indonesian? It's the same summary as in this wiki, but I asked a friend to translate it for me, and they edited the Google translation. It's not approved yet since it's on pending changes. I also wanted the summary posted in Dutch. Gordy still needs a German article. Will you have time to do any of this any time soon? Like after Christmas? 2602:306:83A9:3D00:84A8:8BCB:1A07:8684 10 Dhésèmber 2017 16.11 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Do you know how the arbitration committee works exactly? I'm still banned, and trying to appeal the ban, but to no avail. Meanwhile, there are still pages protected in Indonesian, don't you think it's time to release their protections? I'm become so much more mature over the past 12 years, since I started in 2008. I still love shows like Teletubbies and movies like Charlotte's Web, but I'm getting more mature now. What's sad is that if I knew the rules from the beginning, I might never have been banned to begin with. There are still many articles in Javanese and Indonesian that need to be improved. Gordy is actually better here in Javanese than in Indonesian and some other languages. Do you know when you might have time to check these articles? I don't know if the arbitration committee can do anything for me now, but if it can, how do I do it? If I could get unbanned, I'd want Kkjj unlocked globally and unblocked locally here in Javanese. But I'd have to figure out how that works to get unbanned. 2600:1700:53F0:AD70:3D15:9CC9:3E1:E65E 8 Juli 2020 20.55 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Ask user Bennylin. I don't know whether I can help you. Meursault2004ngobrol 14 Juli 2020 21.32 (UTC)[wangsuli]

GlobalRenameProgress[besut sumber]

Meursault, nih proses penggantian nama di Wikidata emang lama ya ? Pasalnya dari kemaren in progress mulu (Sori lagi pake akun WAJ, soalnya yang satunya nggak bisa dimasukkin akibat proses Global Rename) --What a joke (rembugan) 1 Maret 2018 10.31 (UTC)[wangsuli]

What a joke, aku nggak tahu perihal proses penggantian nama. Aku sendiri juga sudah tidak punya hak untuk mengubah nama. Baiknya tanya sama steward (misalkan steward Bennylin) atau pengurus di Wikidata. Meursault2004ngobrol 1 Maret 2018 10.38 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Pokoknya saya nggak mau tau ya, kalo misalnya sampe kenapa-napa tuh akun, saya minta kompensasi. Status Adminnya dialihkan ke akun What a joke misalnya --What a joke (rembugan) 1 Maret 2018 13.26 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Itu saya tidak tahu menahu, karena bukan tangguh jawab saya, apalagi di Wikidata. Jadi tidak bisa memberikan kompensasi apapun. Meursault2004ngobrol 1 Maret 2018 13.43 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Pertalan Voivodeship[besut sumber]

Pak Revo, tembung voivodeship punika punapa saged dipertal dados provinsi? Lajeng menawi gmina punika dipertal dados punapa nggih, Pak? Matur nuwun. 🌱 Amy · (Parembugan) 25 Mèi 2018 09.41 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Mbak Amy voivodeship pancèn saged dipunpertal dados provinsi, nanging sayektinipun langkung trep kawoiwodan utawi kavoivodean. Punika mèmper kabupatèn. Kabupatèn saged dipunwastani regency utawi district ing basa Inggris. Meursault2004ngobrol 31 Mèi 2018 12.12 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Oh, nggih. Matur nuwun, Pak Revo. 🌱 Amy · (Parembugan) 31 Mèi 2018 13.54 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Sami-sami. Meursault2004ngobrol 31 Agustus 2018 23.54 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Undangan peninjauan Artikel Pilihan[besut sumber]

Oké Mas Glorious Engine. Meursault2004ngobrol 1 Dhésèmber 2018 23.18 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Pangurus antarmuka[besut sumber]

Mas Revi, isa njaluk tulung supaya aku diangkat dadi pangurus antarmuka? kaya iki id:Wikipedia:Pengurus antarmuka. Matur nuwun. Bennylin (ꦒꦸꦤꦼꦩ꧀ꦩꦤ꧀)

Wis dadi saiki? Meursault2004ngobrol 11 Sèptèmber 2019 13.18 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Translation[besut sumber]

Hello @Meursault2004:, could you translate these two articles Château de Montsoreau and Château de Montsoreau-Museum of Contemporary Art into javanese. Thank you very much, --Philippe49730 (rembugan) 11 Novèmber 2019 15.00 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Hello @Meursault2004:, I have created the article Kastil Montsoreau. Could you check it? Thank you very much. All my very best,--Philippe49730 (rembugan) 3 Dhésèmber 2019 17.01 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Hey Philippe, it has been edited by another user. Cheers. Meursault2004ngobrol 25 Januari 2020 23.16‎ (UTC)[wangsuli]

Upacara Pendirian Negara[besut sumber]

Bung Meursault, bisa nggak Anda mengkoreksi terjemahan dari artikel id:Upacara Pendirian Negara What a joke (rembugan) 14 Juli 2020 09.59 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Sudah saya periksa intronya What a joke. Meursault2004ngobrol 14 Juli 2020 21.33 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Wekdal emas[besut sumber]

Wikiretirementgoldwatch.png Wekdal Emas
Bintang Wiki "Wekdal Emas" dipunanugerahaken dhumateng para panganggé ingkang sampun nyisihaken wekdalipun ingkang aji kanggé kontribusi wonten ing Wikipedia abasa Jawi. '

-- 13 Agustus 2020 06.35 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Matur nuwun inggih Mbak Wiwik P! Meursault2004ngobrol 15 Agustus 2020 10.25 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Meursault2004 Sami-sami, Bapak. Nuwun séwu, menika boten IP kula. 😃🙏 Wiwik P 15 Agustus 2020 13.59 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Owalah. Ngapunten Mbak Wiwik P 🙏. Meursault2004ngobrol 15 Agustus 2020 23.02 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Boten punapa, Bapak. 😄 Wiwik P 16 Agustus 2020 12.28 (UTC)

Kula sampun mangertos sinten punika tiyangipun Mbak Wiwik P. Awit piyambakipun ngéwahi kacanipun Mbak Wiwik, mila kula kinten Mbak Wiwik piyambak. Meursault2004ngobrol 17 Agustus 2020 00.26 (UTC)[wangsuli]

O... Inggih Bapak, menawi mekaten. Wilujeng pitepangan, Pak Revi. 😁😄 Wiwik P 17 Agustus 2020 14.54 (UTC)

Sami-sami Mbak Wiwik P. Meursault2004ngobrol 17 Agustus 2020 22.50 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Badhe tangled[besut sumber]

Nuwun sewu, Pak! Kula nembe ngertos yen njenengan asring ndamel artikel teng mriki, hehehe. Oh nggih, kula badhe tangled, sistem usul artikel pethingan ing Wikipedia Jawa menika kados pundi, nggih? Napa sami kalih WBI? Symphonium264 (rembugan) 8 Sèptèmber 2020 23.55 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Mas Symphonium264, sanès kula ingkang ngurusi, senadyan kula taksih pengurus (panata). Nanging menawi kersa, saged dipunusulaken teng ngriki. Mbokmenawi mangké wulan Oktober 2020, saged dipundèkèk wonten kaca tepas. Meursault2004ngobrol 9 Sèptèmber 2020 13.48 (UTC)[wangsuli]

95 dalil[besut sumber]

Bung Meursault, tolong donk kembangin artikel 95 dalil ke dalam bahasa Jawa --Glorious Engine (rembugan) 9 Sèptèmber 2020 08.29 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Terus buat apa bung Glorious Engine? Susah itu. Meursault2004ngobrol 9 Sèptèmber 2020 13.49 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Ya udah, nggak mau juga nggak apa-apa --Glorious Engine (rembugan) 10 Sèptèmber 2020 00.05 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Dikembangkan sedikit bisa bung Glorious Engine, tapi untuk menerjemahkan dari bahasa Inggris perlu waktu berbulan-bulan. Meursault2004ngobrol 10 Sèptèmber 2020 00.27 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Nika Melia[besut sumber]

Hello can you translate this page Nika Melia in Jawa? Thanks--ჯეო (rembugan) 20 Fèbruari 2021 21.03 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Hi ჯეო. Okay. I'll let you know, when I am finished. Meursault2004ngobrol 28 Fèbruari 2021 21.30 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Panyuwunan bot[besut sumber]

Nuwun sèwu, Pak Revo. Manawi boten répot, kula nyuwun tulung bokbilih kaca panyuwunan bot menika dipuntinjau. Tiyang-tiyang péngin ndandani kaca-kaca kanthi massal ngagem bot supados boten mbanjiri éwahan énggal. Matur nuwun. — Labdajiwa (rembugan) 13 April 2021 01.15 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Kula tuwèni riyin. Meursault2004ngobrol 1 Mèi 2021 04.57 (UTC)[wangsuli]
Nggih. Dados pripun niki, Pak? Saged dipun angkat akun-akun menika dados akun-akun bot? Nuwun. — Labdajiwa (rembugan) 3 Mèi 2021 08.03 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Panyuwunan status birokrat[besut sumber]

Pak Revo, niki kula badhé nyuwun pirsa malih. Rikala taun 2019, wonten usulan dados birokrat tumrap Wirjadisastra (pranala permanèn, sajarah). Réncang-réncang sampun maringi swanten ing kaca pangusulan menika lan piyambakipun nggih taksih giyat. Bokmenawi Pak Revo saniki ugi saged nuwèni lan ninjo usulan menika? Matur nuwun. — Labdajiwa (rembugan) 3 Mèi 2021 08.30 (UTC)[wangsuli]

Can you help me correct an article?[besut sumber]

Hello @Meursault2004:, I wrote the draft of an article, concerning a well-known Italian artist I used the automatic translator and I need someone to correct the text. Can you help me? Thank you so much for your help, --BarbaraLuciano13 (rembugan) 26 Juni 2021 00.34 (UTC)[wangsuli]