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:Many thanks for your endeavors. I know the problem that the book is not on stock in bookstores. FZA is a tiny Viennese publisher and it seems to me that they don't have any contracts with the large German distributors. And if Libri and other distributors don't list it, you don't have it in Amazon, no bookstore has it on the shelf (maybe some in Vienna do, but I'm not there) and some of them may even say that the book wouldn't be available when you ask. Anyway, it was no problem at all to order it at my bookshop in Karlsruhe and they got it within some days. A last resort would of course be to order it at the publisher himself (on their website) but I think then you would have to pay the shipping costs. Cheers. --[[Panganggo:Torsten Wittmann|Torsten Wittmann]] <sup>[[Dhiskusi Panganggo:Torsten Wittmann|rembugan]]</sup> 18:27, 24 Juli 2010 (UTC)
Hello Revo,
I feel I have to inform you that I have begun major re-works on the English article on Hominide. This is a result of a short discussion with user Yllosubmarine and my wish to promote the article to GA status. Based on her hints I've begun with major restructurations and I did not consider that you are in the middle of a translation. I hope I don't jeopardise your own work now, and I am sorry for this. Maybe the German version can help you since it remains static. On the other hand I will not delete any paragraphs, I will only extend and re-order them (some titles will change some will be new). Cheers. --[[Panganggo:Torsten Wittmann|Torsten Wittmann]] <sup>[[Dhiskusi Panganggo:Torsten Wittmann|rembugan]]</sup> 11:55, 25 Juli 2010 (UTC)
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