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Español: Ladislao Biro
Tanggal circa 1978
date QS:P,+1978-00-00T00:00:00Z/9,P1480,Q5727902
Sumber Victor Sueiro (19791). Crónica loca de maravillas, curiosidades, rarezas y misterios de la Argentina. Editorial V.S.D.
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saiki7 April 2015 19.44Gambar cilik kanggo owahan 7 April 2015 19.441.488 × 1.143 (974 KB)CarnbyMinor corrections
6 April 2015 22.08Gambar cilik kanggo owahan 6 April 2015 22.081.488 × 1.143 (1.009 KB)CarnbyAspect ratio 85%, descreen
25 Juni 2010 12.16Gambar cilik kanggo owahan 25 Juni 2010 12.161.750 × 1.143 (1,06 MB)UbculeImproved contrast by adjusting black and white points (care was taken that highlights/shadows were *not* clipped). Minor green tint removed.
9 April 2007 15.08Gambar cilik kanggo owahan 9 April 2007 15.081.750 × 1.143 (1,6 MB)AlbasmalkoLadislao Biro. Circa 1978. Fotografiado de "CRONICA LOCA de maravillas, curiosidades, rarezas y misterios de la Argentina" Victor Sueiro, Editorial V.S.D., 1ra edición, año 1979.

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