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Cithakan:Infobox settlement/pref

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This is a subtemplate of {{Infobox settlement}}. It is not intended to be used directly. It is called by the following templates:

Its purpose is to determine whether those templates call one of the subtemplates that displays metric units first (the default):

or one of the subtemplates that displays imperial units (U.S. units) first:

or the following subtemplates if an area is specified in dunams:

Usage[besut sumber]

The template handles up to three unnamed parameters.

  1. Text which specifies preference to display either metric or Imperial units first. It is specified as unit_pref in {{Infobox settlement}}, then passed as pref to one of three display subtemplates (/areadisp, /densdisp, /lengthdisp).
  2. Country name, used to determine preferene when not given in first parameter. It is specified as subdivision_name in {{Infobox settlement}}, then passed as name to one of three display subtemplates.
  3. The third parameter is only specified by the /areadisp subtemplate, which passes the text area.

The default is to display metric units first, so the template only checks these parameters for values that would indicate the need to display non-metric units first:

  1. Imperial, English, UK, US, U.S., US Customary, U.S. Customary, Standard
  2. United Kingdom, [[United Kingdom]], United States, [[United States]], United States of America, [[United States of America]], [[United States|United States of America]]
  3. if this template is called by the /areadisp subtemplate, then it also checks parameter #1 for dunam (after converting it to lowercase)

Examples[besut sumber]

Code Result
{{Infobox settlement/pref | | }} metric
{{Infobox settlement/pref | Imperial | }} impus
{{Infobox settlement/pref | UK | }} impus
{{Infobox settlement/pref | US | }} impus
{{Infobox settlement/pref | | United Kingdom}} impus
{{Infobox settlement/pref | | United States}} impus
{{Infobox settlement/pref|Dunam|Other|area}} dunam
{{Infobox settlement/pref|Dunam|Other}} metric
{{Infobox settlement/pref|Dunam|United Kingdom|area}}
In this example, the template never checks for "Dunam" because it previously
found that parameter #2 contained the name of a country using imperial units.

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